Diversity At Work

The Diversity at Work Series™ is a curriculum designed to help leaders and organizations leverage the power of diversity in their workforce.

A number of organizations espouse that they value diversity, often including verbiage related to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in their print/media.

But my experience reveals that often they do not know how, often taking a one size fits all approach.  

But since diversity is multifaceted, inclusion strategies must be too.  That is why I created the Diversity At Work Curriculum.  This series tackles issues of diversity from differing vantage points and includes the following:

  1. Finding Common Ground
  2. Leading A Diverse Workforce
  3. Working Well Together
  4. Erasing Isms
  5. Building BEST Teams
  6. The Generations 

Diversity At Work

Finding Common Ground

Some organization embark upon a diversity initiative because of a certain event or because they are passionate about making the difference.  But they do not formulate a plan.

For any initiative to be successful there must be buy-in and commitment from leaders and influencers within the organization.  And that does not happen by accident.

Finding Common Ground™ explores the business case for diversity, fosters understanding and clarifies why effectively managing diversity in the workplace will help the organization achieve its mission. 

Without buy-in on "The Why" for DEI, it will die on the vine.  Literally.



Leading A Diverse Workforce

Buy-in from leadership is a key ingredient to organizational success.  I often say that leadership starts in the head.  Therefore, starting at the head, with leadership, is critical to success.   

Leading A Diverse Workforce™ is designed for leaders, both formal and  informal, to assess and build skills for leading and managing a diverse workforce.

This module will arm leaders with practical strategies for increasing engagement and productivity.

Bring Diversity At Work to your Organization!

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Working Well Together

Designed for all employees in the organization, Working Well Together™ explores:

  • Dimensions of Diversity (Differences & Similarities)
  • Perceptions, Stereotypes & Biases
  • Barriers to Inclusion

For diversity and inclusion efforts to work, all employees must be aware of what diversity is, why leveraging diversity is important to business success and their part in making diversity work.

Celebrating diversity is foundational to working well together.


In this self-paced course, learn how to cultivate a positive environment where people work well together.

Run Time: 38 Minutes

Please take a moment to preview the course.  It includes an overview of the course, plus you can download a portion of the Course Workbook.  

You will be asked to enter your name and email. 

Preview Working Well Together:

Working Well Together Course Preview  

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Working Well Together

"Rigid ideas and prejudices limit thinking."

Erasing Isms

We come into the workplace with preconceived notions about people, their ability to perform, and ideas about where they belong. Sometimes we are not even aware of these assumptions.

Unfortunately, bias, both conscious and unconscious, wreaks havoc in our world and in the places where we work.  They show up as Racism, Sexism, Ageism, Ableism, Classism, etc.  I call them ISMs.  To be corrected, ISMS, regardless of what type it is, must be traced to their root cause.  

Yes, laws exist to prevent and help protect against conscious bias. But what about unconscious bias.  That's where this eLearning comes in.

Erasing Isms™ introduces a three (3) step process for uprooting and dismantling the effects of implicit bias. 


In this self-paced course learn a three (3) step process to uproot and dismantle the effects of implicit bias.

Run Time:  20 Minutes 

Please take a moment to preview Erasing ISMs. It includes an overview of the course.  You can even download a portion of the Course Journal to get a sampling of what is included in the workbook.  (You will be asked to enter your name and email.) 

Preview Erasing ISMs:

Erasing Isms Course Preview 

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Erasing Isms e-Learning

Building BEST Teams

Highly productive teams must be built.  They do not happen by accident.  Its intentional.  

According to my research, failure to build a team is one of the top career stallers. If not corrected, it will not only stall a leader's career, it will stop it in its tracks.

Building BEST Teams™ is designed to help a group of individuals understand the stages of group development, assess their current stage and develop an action plan to move the group from forming to performing. 

Armed with a team and individual action plans, each group member can take 100% responsibility for their part in helping the group become a high performing team.

The Generations

From a generational perspective, the workforce is more diverse than ever. This fact makes for a highly dynamic environment potentially laced with interpersonal collisions and unhealthy conflict.

The Generations™ is designed to explore attributes of each generation, not for the purpose of labeling, but for the purpose of understanding how the generations can “blend” to achieve organizational success.

Want To Know More?

So, how are you faring?  Are you leveraging the diverse talents of your workforce to realize its highest potential?  Or, are you consistently struggling with issues related to employee engagement?

If so, the Diversity At Work Series has a solution to address issues related to Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Sensitivity.

If you are ready to take action, please contact me.  I would love to work with you and your team to increase levels of engagement and productivity, by showing you how to cooperate instead of compete and fight.


Coming January 2024

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