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Are you realizing the results you desire?  

Do you know you are capable of achieving so much more?  Have you hit a glass ceiling and can seem to go no further?

Well, no need to fret.  You are not alone.  Many people feel "stuck" in a lose/lose situation.  But there is a way to break free.  

Coach Gwen can help you find your pathway leading to the next level.

Whether coaching, consulting, training or a combination of the three, it is possible for you and your team to break free of stagnation.

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Unfortunately, too many professionals assume they know the answer before truly understanding the "problem."  This only leads to treating symptoms or solving the wrong problem.

Coach Gwen takes a consultative approach with each client to tailor a solution that is just right for you and your situation at the time. 

This involves lots of listening and clarifying; thereby, resisting the temptation to recommend possible options before discovering the root cause of a particular problem.


One to one coaching is such a personal interaction.  It is a relationship of trust, all information shared must be held in the strictest confidence. 

Whether individual or peer round tables, coaching follows a proven process for improving productivity and effectiveness.

Coaching in athletic circles is very well known, but coaching the "corporate athlete" is an underused tool.  In most organizations, coaching is provided for those identified as high potential.  Notice that I did not say "high PERFORMERS" but those tagged as "high POTENTIAL."

You can get noticed.  By investing in yourself, it is possible to be a high performer with high potential. 

Types of coaching:


Education and Training occurs in different settings. An ideal "setting" is in a controlled environment.

Sessions are constructed in such a fashion that participants are not merely observers, but actively engaged in the learning process. 

To ensure what is taught is "caught" and practically applied, participants are armed with tools for applying what is learned in their work environment.

The Diversity At Work Series is an example of training that works especially well with Leadership Teams as well as "Intact"/Formal Teams.



Contact Coach Gwen to help you and your team:

  • Improve productivity
  • Enhance professionalism
  • Increase profitability

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Coming January 2024

I am committed to bringing you the best in leadership development practices so you can stay in the know.  To get monthly updates from Leader Who Leads directly to your inbox, just click the subscribe button and submit your information.  I look forward to receiving your request.  

Be on the lookout for new leadership training sessions via live and recorded webinars.  

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