For Your Improvement

For Your Improvement is a must have for your library. I used it during my days in Corporate America and highly recommend it to my clients. 

Even as a coach,  I continue to learn and grow.  When drafting my personal development plan, this is my favorite resource for assessing and developing my plan for growing in specific skill areas.

Praise For Your Improvement

So, why do I highly recommend this book?  For the following reasons.  It includes a:

  1. Comprehensive List of Competencies
  2. Tool to Assess Your Development Needs
  3. Practical Strategies for Development
  4. List of Career Stallers and Stoppers

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List of Competencies 

FYI includes a comprehensive list of over sixty (60) competencies.  From Boss Relationships to Conflict Management to Managerial Courage, this list covers the key/critical skills required in roles at all levels of the organization.

Using your job description, identify the skills that are critical for success in your current role.  Once you identify those skills, now you can assess how well you demonstrate a given skill.

Assess Development Needs

According to the authors, "development generally begins with a realization of current or future need and the motivation to do something about it."

Well, the ability to assess your specific strengths and weaknesses in a given area allows you to establish a baseline from which to improve.

For each competency, you (and your manager) can assess the behaviors you demonstrate to determine if you are unskilled, skilled, or over used a specific skill.

It is a thorough assessment that identifies specific behaviors related to each skill.

Practical Strategies

Knowing the areas where you must develop is helpful when you can identify practical strategies for doing so.

For Your Improvement lists specific ways you can improve:  learning on your own, from more feedback and even learning from mistakes.

For instance, at one point in my career I realized that I was a very poor listener.  This weakness, if not addressed, could prove detrimental to my long-term success.  The strategies listed her helped me identify and take actionable steps to improve my listening skills.

Career Stallers & Stoppers

Not only does this book include ways to develop competencies needed for success.  It specifically identifies close to 20 Career Stallers and Stoppers.

They represent weaknesses that, if not corrected, will shorten the level of career success you could achieve.

From "Unable to Adapt to Differences" to "Lack of Composure" to "Political Missteps", these behaviors can greatly limit your opportunities to remain and grow with a given organization.


For Your Improvement

If you are serious about growing and developing in your current role, and those you lead, this is a MUST have.

It is a comprehensive tool that has helped me over the years accurately assess my skill level.  I have also used it as a tool to get feedback from my direct reports and my boss on specific strengths and weaknesses related to certain skills.

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