Types of People

According to Robert Kyiosaki, there are four types of people:

  1. Those who have to be right.  
  2. Those who want to be liked.  
  3. Those who want to be comfortable.
  4. Those who want to win.

I stumbled upon his talk, seemingly by accident, and was quite intrigued by what I heard.  

Please read on for some insights.  

Types of People

As I thought more about what I heard, I readily agreed with many of his points.  

But I came to the conclusion that these are not necessarily four different people.  

It is possible, depending upon the situation (or stage in life), that one person can each of these attributes or mindsets.

I must admit, I have struggled with the first three at various points in my career.  

Let me explain.



The kind of person who has to be right goes WAY beyond just liking to be right.  

Truth be told, no one LIKES to be wrong.  We all like to be right.

But the person who HAS to be right cannot admit they are wrong.  They go to great lengths to make sure everyone knows they are right.  Their ego prevents them from admitting error on their part.


Then, there are those who want to be liked.  

The desire to be liked often prevents them from making decisions that others may not like, even if the decision is best for all involved.  

This kind of person does not like conflict and tends to avoid it at all cost.


The kind of person who likes to be comfortable avoids taking risks.

They are uncomfortable being uncomfortable and remains in a safe place, often accepting the status quo and what they know.  They are comfortable with what is or what has been.  But shy away from seeking and pursuing what could be.  

This type of person remains confined within the four walls of their comfort zone.


Now, to the one who wants to win.  This person wants to win, but not at any cost - to him/herself or others.  

This person has shed the weight of needing to be right, they are ok not being liked, and they are learning to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

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