Dealing With Difficulty

Dealing with difficulty, be it a difficult situation or a difficult person, takes skill and will. 

  • Skill - because you must determine what is needed to address the situation appropriately.  
  • Will - because you need the courage and motivation to take action.  

Dealing with Difficult Situations

On any given day, you will encounter many situations that need to be discussed and addressed.  Some of those will be "difficult" situations.

Most often, a situation is described as difficult when it places undue demands or requires extra effort to address.

I often call it an obstacle or "results I did not want" (or expect). 

In other words, the situation poses a problem.  And the "difficulty" stems from the lack of an apparent solution.  These is an issue that is difficult to get past, and it needs to be corrected or addressed before forward progress can be realized.

It is at this time that taking a step back may prove helpful.  Often, when we are too close to the "problem" the solution is often very difficult to see.


Dealing with Difficult People

Some situations are labeled as difficult because of the people involved.  So, not only is there a problem to be solved, it is exacerbated by conflict between the parties involved in the situation.

A person may be described as "difficult" because they refuse to listen, they are so emotional that they will not (or cannot) listen to reason. 

I imagine you have dealt with someone you would describe as  "difficult" to deal with.  I must admit that, at times, I have been that "difficult person." 

In this scenario, not only must you deal with the issue or problem at hand, you must also use skill in human interaction to level the "communication" field.

If you and the person(s) involved cannot come to some common ground, you lose focus on the true issue that needs to be resolved.  And it will impede progress.

Dealing With Difficulty?

When you find yourself in a "tight" and difficult situation BREATHE!  It is amazing how taking such a seemingly small action can deliver powerful results.  Not convinced?  Check out this article on the benefits of breathing deeply.

Take time each day to breathe deeply.  I recommend: three(3) times/day for 90 seconds each time. 

If you do this, you will see what a difference it can make.  You won't know until you try it!

Want To Know More?

It really is possible to use adversity to move you forward.  For more information about dealing with difficulty, be it difficult situations, people and personalities, please see the following:

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