Biblical Leadership Quotes

Biblical Leadership Quotes are taken from the Old and New Testament of the Bible. 

I especially like the way the quote is rendered in The Message Bible

Biblical Leadership Quotes - New Testament
The Message Bible

"You're blessed when you can show people how to cooperate instead of compete or fight.  That's when you discover who you really are...."                   - Matthew 5:9

"Here is a simple, rule-of-thumb guide for behavior:  Ask yourself what you want people to do for you, then grab the initiative and do it for them."          - Matthew 7:12


Biblical Leadership Quotes - Old Testament
The Message Bible

"Love and truth form a good leader; sound leadership is founded on loving integrity." - Proverbs 20:28

"Good leadership is a channel of water controlled by God; He directs it to whatever ends He choses." - Proverbs 21:1

"A good leader motivates, doesn't mislead, doesn't exploit." - Proverbs 16:10

"Good leaders abhor wrongdoing of all kinds; sound leadership has a moral foundation." - Proverbs 16:12

"Good leaders cultivate honest speech; they love advisors who tell them the truth." - Proverbs 16:13

"The mark of a good leader is loyal followers; leadership is nothing without a following." - Proverbs 14:28

"Wise men and women are always learning, always listening for fresh insights." - Proverbs 18:15

"It's better to be wise than strong; intelligence outranks muscle any day."      - Proverbs 24:5

"Strategic planning is the key to warfare; to win, you need a lot of good counsel." - Proverbs 24:6

"Remove the wicked from leadership and authority will be credible and God-honoring." - Proverbs 25:5

"Don't call attention to yourself; let others do that for you." - Proverbs 27:2

"If you honor your boss, you'll be honored." - Proverbs 27:18

"When the country is in chaos, everybody has a plan to fix it--but it takes a leader of real understanding to straighten things out." - Proverbs 28:2

"Lead good people down a wrong path and you'll come to a bad end; do good and you'll be rewarded for it." - Proverbs 28:10

"When good people run things, everyone is glad, but when the ruler is bad, everyone groans." - Proverbs 29:3

"A leader of good judgement gives stability; an exploiting leader leaves a trail of waste." - Proverbs 29:5

"When the leader listens to malicious gossip, all the workers get infected with evil." - Proverbs 29:12

"Leadership gains authority and respect when the voiceless poor are treated fairly." - Proverbs 29:14

"Leaders can't afford to make fools of themsevles." - Proverbs 31:4b


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